Future strategies for human resources management in universities

Management of resources in universities as a key strategy for the Galician academic future.
Images from the workshops obtained from the image galleries of the University of Vigo website
Future strategies for human resources management in universities.

The University of Vigo in collaboration with the CRUE Spanish Universities, the Xunta of Galicia, Abanca, Santander Universidades and eHabilis, among other organizations, promoted these workshops aimed at addressing new challenges in the field of human resources management.

The conferences were held on 20, 21 and 22 September 2017 and addressed and discussed aspects that will determine future strategies in the university field.

Concepts such as entrepreneurial universities, good practices in economic and administrative management, e-administration, transparency and accessibility or knowledge management were addressed by different experts.

Through the following link you can visualize the presentations in video format: University Management Conferences (http://uvigo.gal/eventos/es/jornadas-gerencia/las-jornadas-videos/)

Our parent company Sdweb - Innovative Digital Solutions had the opportunity to collaborate actively in the organization of the event and we were able to present our lines of action in the field of knowledge management, interactive digital training and the implementation of technological tools that support management, management and human resources teams in universities.

Among the solutions presented are:

1. Our training and knowledge management platform eHabilis , well known in the university field for its implementation and which deepens access to an interactive digital learning environment, friendly and collaborative on the part of the students.


2. Collaborative digital resource management systems widely implemented through the Open Access Initiative and Dspace.

3. The technological application developed by our company to manage the Immediate Supply of VAT Information.

4. Our solutions for quality management in university processes.

It has certainly been a great opportunity to present our solutions, to know the needs of Spanish universities and to continue working to optimize them based on the indications and suggestions received.



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